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One of the newest and most interesting concepts these days is the rejuvenation and transformation of boring and tired looking grey concrete into something attractive. Traditional concrete staining is accomplished by using specialized chemical stains, also known as acid stains. Acid stains can leave an interesting surface, but the preparation and cleanup involved when dealing with harsh chemicals makes many people hesitant to use them. In comes the best alternative - Tru Tint Water Based stains and Tru Tint Concrete Dyes. These two types of decorative concrete products are used to create stunning effects on many concrete substrates. The properly stained surface can be incredibly attractive and breathtaking when installed properly. Many business and home owners are selecting a stained concrete floor for a unique, classy look with a high degree of durability. The cost is also great when compared to alternative flooring options like tile or hardwood flooring. So whether your project is indoors, outdoors, small and detailed, or large and rustic, Tru Tint stains and/or dyes will answer your needs.

Please browse the site for detailed information and superior products using the menu above. Whether you are a distributor, contractor, or DIYer we are confident you will be satisfied with the quality, customer service, technical expertise, price, and quick shipping that we provide. Tru Tint WB stains and Dyes are the standard other stains are compared to.

Tru Tint Concrete Stains and Dyes are brands created by Walttools. They have been manufacturing high-quality decorative concrete products since 2004. The key people at Walttools have diverse backgrounds that enables innovation, meticulous quality control, great customer service, and a  large product line. Some of the backgrounds of the people at Walttools include retail sales, engineering, chemistry, concrete contracting, and manufacturing. The proper education and experience coupled with a desire to exceed customer expectations has provided growth and prosperous relationships with distributors and contractors alike. The staff at Walttools have extensively formulated and tested Tru Tint Water-Based Stains and Dyes for desirable effects and performance. Contractor Source distributes Walttools products and other select supply stores. Ask if we have a distributor near you.

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